02 March 2016

Guests 2 / Гости 2



So now the table has been tidied.
The conversation has continued.
On, on it goes, until it’s time we
began to think of serving dinner.

So now once more the table’s crowded.
More conversation. Cutlery clatter.
Oh dear, the pith of life comes down to
such times that seem too slight to matter.

(Translation © 2016 G.S. Smith)
[From Тайный советник (Privy Councillor), 1987]



Была унесена посуда.
Была продолжена беседа.
И шла, и шла, и шла, покуда
не подошла пора обеда.

Была принесена посуда.
Беседа. Стук ножей и вилок.
Ах, жизнь по сути только сумма
таких минут неуловимых.

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